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Axell Hodges

Slay Co Kxf 450

three winners

$20,000 in prizes


Head over to our YouTube channel to see who all of our most recent winners were and the deliverys we made! Not all winners take the bike, we offer them a cash prize instead as a dirt bike isnt a easy take on sometimes!

previous winners

some of the giveaway winners

Reese Greeny

@twitchthis8 replica CRF110 to the winner @reesegraney. He had no idea we where showing up today with his bike. I’m super greatful to be in a position where I can put on campaigns like this. We created pure happiness today. This is only the start…..


Tyson got his 2020 Yamaha TTR110 delivered to his front door in Georgia by @motorsportscurated and he was stoked.⁣

Morgan Wright

Thank you so much @briandeegan38 and @motorsportscurated for the new pit bike. I still can’t believe it!!

Parker Fraine

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Dylan Carter

Another happy winner! Jumped down to Daytona Beach, FL to deliver a 2021 KTM factory edition to @dylantc_803 the winner of our @cooperwebb2 campaign. Time to take a break from giving away dirt bikes and transition to something a little different…